From the 2018-2019 Board of Directors

Dear Community and Friends,

People often ask me the same questions. What motivates you? How do you take care of yourself? Why does all of this matter to you? I always respond with the same answer, that the energy and commitment I put forth into my community engages me and fulfills my quest for connection and assembly. We just completed our Q3 strategic planning check in and the Board of Directors now has a chance to reflect on these same questions and craft a narrative that resonates in their individual lives and how it shapes their service to Walnut Avenue Family & Women’s Center.

Growth and change is simultaneously daunting and exhilarating. Never before has the road of opportunity for Walnut Avenue been so immense, diverse, and forward facing. With this knowledge and philosophy as our guiding North star, we acknowledge that Board service is a tremendous act of commitment and conviction. Acting as a fiduciary of an agency requires a binding agreement to honor the Duty of Care, the Duty of Loyalty, and the Duty of Obedience. On behalf of my service as President of the Board, I am deeply honored to serve with a steadfast, energetic, and passionate group of citizens dedicated to theses duties and to Walnut Avenue.

In turn, I ask you to consider the same questions for yourself. What motivates you? How do you take care of yourself? Why does this all matter to you? Because if not now, then when?

Yours in community, Tracy Wood President, Board of Directors

Christine Brooks, Ph.D Past President

Ken Vinson, Treasurer

Pam Conelly

Heather Putnam, Ph.D

Adiari Torres, MSW



Robert Staub, 2014-2019
Julie Schneider, 1994-2016

Amethyst Uchida
Adair Paterno
Michele Pomroy

Tracy Wood President

Brenda Kring, Secretary

Carma Haston

Katie Woolsey

Heather Heen, ESQ  President-Elect

Leticia Camacho

Colleen Lazanich

Melanie Stutler