From the 2019-2020 Board of Directors

Dear Community and Friends,

In the blink of an eye, we completed our 2018-2019 fiscal year and today welcome a new year of opportunity, growth, and possibility. Before we embark on our jam-packed year, I would like to take a few moments to give recognize the multitude of individuals that contributed to an extraordinary year.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we extend our gratitude to all our donors, community partners, and volunteers that support our agency in multi-facets of time, money, passion, heart, and soul.

We are indebted to our Friends of Walnut Avenue, a group of dynamic individuals that have breathed fresh vivacity into our events and enrich our donor development activities.

On the daily, our tremendous staff live in and execute the agency’s values in the vital work they engage in with all our participants. Your persistence, dedication, and steadfastness are unparalleled, and we are in awe.

Our Board of Directors is a group of stalwarts and pillars in this community and they bring the spirit of collaboration, respect, and creativity to every aspect of their service. I am proud to lead and serve with these individuals. 

No organization can succeed without a leader and our Executive Director Julie Macecevic is the embodiment of compassion, fortitude, and humanity. We are rewarded by the care she imparts for and to our staff and the connection she cultivates with the Board of Directors. She is exceptional in understanding the needs and impacts of Walnut Avenue and we look forward to supporting her continued growth.

In a time of simultaneous uncertainty and progress, we are reinvigorated and galvanized to our service, both to the community and to the Agency.

We look forward to sharing our upcoming news, events, and successes!

Yours in community, Tracy Wood President, Board of Directors

Christine Brooks, Ph.D Past President Executive Committee

Colleen Lazanich Treasurer Executive Committee Governance Committee

Pam Conelly Communications Committee

Heather Putnam, Ph.D Development Committee

Adiari Torres, MSW Communications Committee



Robert Staub, 2014-2019
Robert Strickland, 2017-2018
Julie Schneider, 1994-2016

Amethyst Uchida
Adair Paterno
Michele Pomroy

Tracy Wood President Chair: Executive Committee

Brenda Kring Secretary Executive Committee Chair: Development Committee

Carma Haston Communications Committee

Katie Woolsey Communications Committee

Heather Heen, ESQ  President-Elect Executive Committee Chair: Governance Committee

Ken Vinson Executive Committee Governance Committee

Leticia Camacho Special Advisory

Melanie Stutler Governance Committee