The Walnut Avenue
Empowering Futures Endowment Fund

Why Establish an Endowment Fund?
Agency endowment funds are permanent investments and this new fund will be managed by the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County on behalf of Walnut Avenue. The distribution of funds are made from the earnings, without touching the original contribution—or principal. 

The newly established Empowering Futures Endowment Fund will support long-term sustainability of Walnut Avenue’s programs and operations. The goal of the Fund is to teach both donors and recipients that paying it forward is a shared value with a positive impact on the Center, the community, and our participants to be empowered to improve their economic, physical, and emotional well-being.

Our vision for the Empowering Futures Endowment Fund is to generate funding for educational and leadership opportunities in addition to scholarships for women, families, and community organizations.

For more information, please contact Tracy Wood, Board of Directors/Development Committee Chair,