From the 2018-2019 Board of Directors

Dear Community and Friends,

It is my distinct honor to step into the leadership role of the Board of Directors for 2018-2019. I follow in the footsteps and legacy of Christine Brooks, Ph.D, who ushered the Board and the organization through a phenomenal transformation of growth and change that has guaranteed a foundation for a vibrant future.

Our Board has grown to encompass a diverse group of leaders that are guided by passion and commitment to serving Walnut Avenue and our community. These remarkable people are embedded in their belief that the heart and soul of Walnut Avenue beats loudly and brightly and offers hope to all those who walk through our doors.

We look forward to engaging deeply with each and every one of you in the coming year. As a group, we commit to growing our leadership and the opportunities to continue supporting our amazing staff to sustain the critical work that makes all of this happen. We commit to the legacy of hard work and personal passion to elevate others and allow them to excel forward.

Yours in community, Tracy Wood President, Board of Directors

Christine Brooks, Ph.D Past President

Ken Vinson, Treasurer

Leticia Camacho

Colleen Lazanich

Melanie Stutler



Julie Schneider, 1994-2016

Amethyst Uchida
Adair Paterno
Michele Pomroy

Tracy Wood President

Brenda Kring, Secretary

Pam Conelly

Robert Staub

Adiari Torres, MSW

Heather Heen, ESQ  President-Elect

Diane Bock

Carma Haston

Katie Woolsey